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Anny Celsi: Home

Taverne de Waag, May 2013_resized

"one of this city's smartest and catchiest pop songwriters...contemplative lyrics and intimately affecting vocals" -- LA Weekly

Al Kooper's 'Cream of the Musical Crop' (Boston Herald)
"I'm a fan!" - Al Kooper

“The pop doesn’t get much smoother or cooler ...From the toe-tapping groove of “Au Revoir, My Darling” to the multi-layered beauty of “Kaleidoscope Heart” – Anny and her supporting cast of All-Stars deliver the hits in spades.  Chill out through the Summer doldrums with this nine-pack of goodness from the “Queen of Cool-Pop” -- SHOCKPOP!

“….it’s just the perfect music; all summery, sunshine pop with gorgeous harmonies abounding…this rootsy, pop-flavoured collection of self-penned songs is a genuine winner.” – Maverick Magazine 

“…familiar styles -sunshine pop, country flavored rock -but done with a fresh approach and melodies that sound like instant hits.” – Cabin Essence

“Zelden straalt een album zo’n karakter uit. ‘January’ is een veelzijdig album dat ook heel wat Americana liefhebbers zal bekoren.” – Keys and Chords

"songs for which the phrase 'perfect pop song' was invented.” –-Rootstime

“Anny Celsi…has been churning out first-class handmade music with songs that run deep enough to appeal to the folk & roots crowd while the arrangements are a far cry from morose traditionalism.  With her mellifluous, well-tempered voice with a subtle hint of melancholia, Celsi draws us in while her poetic lyrics touch upon travel experiences, relationships and personal matters…an original artist with a unique sound.”  – Chill@Blue Rose 

"The best album of the last five years!" - Terry Rawlings, author of "Who Killed Christopher Robin?"

“… Byrdsian jangle and exquisite psyche-pop harmonies perfect for a long car ride…Fans of classic sixties pop influences should pick this one up right away.” – Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic

"Think of Victoria Williams, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow mixed together and you begin to get the picture...Anny is pretty much their equal as a songwriter."  -- Two Louies

 "...a beatnik-cool performer who veers from poppy, bouncy beats to jazzy piano bar riffs and sexy come-ons... she’s sensitive but no wimp and a fellow traveler to Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow.  The “pop-noir” soundtrack of her solo debut, “Little Black Dress,” wears a veneer of L.A. Confidential style." -- Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press